Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Finally Back

I apologize for being silent for so long. There's simply been too much to attend to, on all kinds of levels. Here's a Holy Week offering -- may your journey this week lead you into unexpected conversations with God.

Question Time

Imagine God comes down to sit with you,
To share a coffee, or a glass of wine;
And then, our sovereign Lord offers a gift:
“It’s question time,” God tells you. “Ask away.”

Without the time for much deep thought, I’d say
The thing that seems forever on my mind:
“So just what do you want from us? It seems
I always strain to hear your voice. And when
The question’s hardest, all I get are soft
Whispers of love. Give me a key that I
Can turn inside confusing locks – and live.”

God smiles and takes a sip and says, “Think back.
It took a flood to cleanse the world of sin.
It took a wilderness of death to bring
Israel into the promised land. It took
An exile, generations long, before
People could turn their hearts to me and live.
It took a cross to show the path of life.
Do not fear death, but give yourself away,
For sometimes choosing death is how you plant
The seed that springs into full bloom next day.”

I know you’re right, my Lord, but still I wait
And hope you’ll show another, softer road.
Instead, you finish up your drink and move
Along. A cross was not the thing I had
In mind when we sat down. But love requires
Us both to die so that we both may live.